Do you use electronic service-book? Survey

13 May 2020

Electronic service-books are becoming an increasingly popular solution among car manufacturers. Online repair records benefit both, the vehicle owners and, in particular, authorised service centres.

Do independent garages apply this solution too? We ask about it, and a few other things, in the survey.

Car manufacturers are gradually choosing to replace traditional (paper) service-books with their electronic (paperless) versions.

From many car manufacturers, buyers of new cars still receive traditional service-books, which needs to be fill-in manually by employees of the service centres during car inspections or in case of repairs. Some car manufacturers offer both forms, paper ones and electronic – available online. However, there are some who have transferred all the repair records into internet.

Garage customers, especially those with relatively new cars, may expect independent garages also to fill in an electronic service-books after completing the car service. The topic may prove particularly important in the forthcoming months when, as a result of the crisis, many vehicle owners may resign from authorised service centres in favour of more affordable, independent garages. It has been proven that maintaining continuous records of the car servicing and repairs is extremely important for its future resale.

We encourage all garage representatives to fill in our survey.

In the survey, we ask if you use electronic service-books, and what is your opinion on the online access and the convenience of using such solution.

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Do you access electronic service booklets from car manufacturers?


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