Camshaft locking device – how to use on Honda engines

20 Dec 2022

The camshaft locking device is essential for correct alignment of the balance shaft when replacing the timing belt and balance shaft belt on many types of Honda engines. Instructions using the Blue Print ADH25501 locking device as an example.

The balance shaft is driven through the crankshaft by means of a timing belt. To replace the timing belt, the balance shaft belt must be removed and replaced with a new one.

The balance shaft lock mounting location is accessed by unscrewing the security bolt shown in the illustration above.

Loosen the retaining bolt and insert the locking mechanism into this location while gently rotating the crankshaft until the locking mechanism and balance shaft are snug.

Due to the location of the technical hole in the shaft and the shape of the locking device, it cannot be mounted differently.

Poor use of tools and failure to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions will damage the engine. We recommend that you read the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions on how to replace the valve train of the engine in question and only then start the repair.

This advice relates to a camshaft locking device (ADH25501) for vehicles: Rover 600 1996>1998 / Honda Accord 1990>2003, Odyssey 1994>2003, Prelude 1992>2000, Shuttle 1995>2001.


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