Jaguar XE: ABS warning light

24 Oct 2021

The ABS’ warning light was constantly illuminated in a customer’s Jaguar at one of the workshops. What was the problem? The solution is presented by Autodata specialists.

One of our customers came to our workshop with a problem with his 2016 Jaguar XE. The ABS’ warning light was constantly illuminated and also the fault codes C0031 and C0034 were recorded in the ABS control computer fault memory. We replaced both ABS wheel speed sensors at the front and the car ran fine for a while, but the car has now returned to the workshop with the same fault codes. Can you think of any other causes for the fault before we replace the wheel speed sensors once again?

Answer: Yes, we have heard of the problem described, which affects all Jaguar XE models manufactured from 2016-2018. The cause is a water leak into the ABS wheel rotation sensor at the front due to water build-up. To prevent water build-up in the front brake bracket plate, drill a water drain hole at a suitable location in the rear of the front brake bracket plate. Use the adjusting jig, available from Jaguar Parts, to ensure that the water drain hole is drilled in the correct location (fig. 1.1.). Use a 6.0 mm drill bit to make the water drain hole, ensuring that the bit does not protrude more than 64 mm from the drill chuck. Fit a new ABS front wheel rotation sensor and repeat on the other side. This should remedy the fault.


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