Brembo’s prime brake pads for commercial vehicles are ready to go to market

21 Aug 2023

Brembo, the world leading innovator of brake technology, announces its go to market of the new Aftermarket brake pads dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles.

Brembo’s engineers and technicians, backed by their many years of experience in supplying original equipment for commercial vehicles, have worked on a full range of brake pads dedicated to commercial vehicles. Brembo’s new range consists of more than 60 references, which provide 95% coverage for the European fleet of these vehicles.

Made from more than 30 different components, these brake pads have been developed and specifically designed for all types of heavy-duty vehicles – trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers and their specific applications. Thanks to a special surface layer, Brembo Prime brake pads guarantee 100% braking efficiency as early as the first kilometers, by avoiding fading and providing reduced braking distances during the running-in period. Brembo brake pads are supplied with all the necessary accessories for fast, complete and safe replacement of the vehicle’s braking system.

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ProTecS® technology – the premium solution from OE

In addition, a selection of Brembo brake pads feature the ProTecS® design by Knorr-Bremse, which consists of the brake pad back plate and pad holder spring connected by a welded hood. This solution allows optimum brake pad guidance, guaranteeing the accurate usage of the spring’s elasticity and increasing the durability of the pads in adverse and difficult conditions. Moreover, the brake pad slides back more easily from brake disc contact, reducing the risk of brake pad wear when the brake is released.

This technology allows safe spring retention on the brake pad and avoids the risk of re-using worn springs. Utilizing 18 varying friction materials, the brake pads give drivers secure and effective stopping power from day one. Conceived for optimum use with Brembo brake discs, the parts are designed to be replaced quickly and safely.

To date, 14 of the 19 ProTecS® codes have been announced to the market in the past few months, with the remaining five due to be communicated in due course. Details of the 14 already launched products are listed on Bremboparts and TecDoc.


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