ADAS calibration digital

04 Jan 2021
  • Hella Gutmann expands product range with CSC-Tool Digital 
  • Calibration targets for front cameras and any information simply beamed onto the screen 
  • Fast expansion with the latest vehicle models 
  • App-supported alignment process

 The number and variety of driver assistance systems (ADAS) that need to be calibrated is growing rapidly. The modular system of Hella Gutmann’s CSC tool is growing correspondingly fast, adding numerous targets and reflectors for cameras, lidar and radar sensors. For the static front camera calibrations of the 26 most common car brands in Europe alone, 21 manufacturer-specific targets are currently required. A lot of sensitive measurement technology that needs to be well and cleanly accommodated in the workshop.

With the CSC-Tool Digital, Hella Gutmann now offers an alternative which is by no means less sensitive, but which is considerably more space-saving and available more quickly: The large-format calibration targets for front cameras are provided digitally by Hella Gutmann and are projected onto the screen of the CSC-Tool via the associated short-distance beamer. This creates the second – for some garages even more valuable – advantage: the digital targets are available more quickly. Brand new vehicle models can be calibrated even earlier.

The digital targets can be obtained flexibly via the CSC-Tool Digital app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The included Apple TV box at the top of the screen then transfers the calibration targets to the beamer. The control and selection of the required target is simply done by remote control. In addition, the digital system can be used multifunctionally by switching from the CSC-Tool-Digital app to the HELLA Academy app or to any other apps from the App Store. Displays from the diagnostic device and from the Hella Gutmann data world can also be beamed onto the screen in XXL.

For the necessary alignment of the targets to the geometrical driving axis (rear axle) of the vehicle, the wheel sensors with line laser known from the CSC-Tool SE are used. Height adjustment and distance measurement are more elegant with the CSC-Tool Digital: Two electromechanical lifting columns take over the height adjustment of the screen at the push of a button. A special wheel sensor and a new laser rangefinder deliver the actual values directly to the screen, supported by an app. All other calibrations, such as those of the front radar, laser scanner (lidar) and environmental systems, are performed in the same way as with the CSC tool (SE).


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