A New Gates Rubber-To-Metal Parts Range

05 Sep 2022

Gates, a leading global provider of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions, announces the introduction of a Rubber-to-Metal (RTM) parts programme comprised of five new sub-product groups. The initiative will significantly expand the OE manufacturer’s aftermarket range, generating sales opportunities for distributors and their garage customers.

RTM parts reduce the generation of noise, vibration, and harshness from a wide range of components operating in a variety of on-board vehicle systems. By controlling the issues that cause discomfort at source – and by limiting their transmission into the passenger compartment – RTM parts play a key role in the enhancement of vehicle ride comfort.

The new RTM range complements existing Gates product ranges and will initially cover axle and wheel suspension, engine and transmission, plus suspension. Exhausts and steering parts will be released in the second phase. The initial range of 400 part numbers is based upon extensive market research by Gates. All five product groups are being introduced with parts that satisfy existing demand for a wide range of popular models across EMEA markets.

Each of the product groups will be top loaded with part numbers for which there is already significant demand, most of which are considered by installers to be ‘dealer only supplied’. Other parts are safety-critical items that are subject to annual vehicle testing standards.

Gates anticipates that RTM products will create new and long-term profit opportunities for existing distributors and installers. The new range is also expected to attract the attention of others keen to add brands from OE manufacturers with a broad portfolio of easy to fit OE equivalent aftermarket products.

Most of the initial package of part numbers will come from three main product groups. The axle and wheel suspension range will include 190 part numbers. These include stabilizer bar rubbers, axle bushings, and control arm bushings. The engine and transmission range will contribute 130 part numbers, mainly engine mounts, gearbox mounts, and hydraulic mounts. The suspension range will include shock absorber mountings, bearings, bushings, and bumpers. It will be introduced with 80 part numbers. Gates will also supply standard RTM accessories and fittings.

Jean-Christophe Etienne, Director of Strategic Business & Product Development says a significant number of the new part numbers are common to EVs and hybrid cars, which means that updates can be added month on month. This demonstrates the commitment to the developing market. He is also keen to emphasize the depth of research, attention to detail, and the effort made to ensure that the parts in the new range deliver on reliability, performance, and endurance:

“As an OE manufacturer, with a reputation for delivering automotive solutions of the highest quality, assembly line specifications are always considered to be the benchmarks governing the quality of the build and the materials used for all Gates products. The new RTM range conforms with this policy and as all parts are covered by the Gates warranty, there’s an extra layer of protection that provides distributors with confidence andinstallers with peace of mind.”


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