Price and profitability of tyre replacement service – survey results.

15 Dec 2021

What do workshops do when they think about changing the price of their services? When the tire replacement service becomes profitable? In which countries car workshops most often raise prices for their services? Why, despite rising costs, not all workshops decide to increase prices?? In which countries is it easiest to sell quality workshop equipment?

Answers to these and other questions can by founded in a survey conducted by the MotoFocus Group on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Almost 1000 workshop representatives from Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia participated in this survey. For comparison, the survey was also conducted in the UK.

Is it worth to run a tire replacement service in your workshop?

Most of the workshops that participated in the survey think that the tire replacement service is a profitable business. However, 58% of respondents say this is only possible if it is a secondary activity – e.g., in addition to standard mechanical repairs.

Until a while ago, raising the price of tire replacement services was a difficult decision, mainly due to the high market competition. Today, due to increased costs of materials, workshops no longer have as much trouble to increase their prices as they had before.

The costs of running a workshop include expenses for workshop equipment, servicing and maintenance. More than 63% of representatives say it is worth investing in high quality tire changing equipment.

Almost one in five respondents believes that investment in equipment is not cost-effective, as customers mainly expect a low price for the service. At the same time, 14% of respondents emphasize that the investment takes too long to pay off.



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