29 Nov 2023

The programme is a cycle of training and team-building meetings for representatives of key remanufacturing service providers. It is organised only in Poland for the moment, but WUZETEM also plans to eventually invite customers from export markets to its meetings. The aim of the WUZETEM Academy is to acquaint the customers with the business of the company and showcase the high quality of the offered products. Participants will become familiar with the techniques used in the production of nozzles for diesel injection systems, which is a product that requires exceptional precision, and build customer-manufacturer relations.

We have already organised 3 editions of Academy meetings. The first edition took place on 13 October 2022, and it was attended by 25 customers, representing 16 service providers from all over Poland. The second edition took place in May 2023. On that occasion, the two meetings for remanufacturing service providers were attended by 30 service providers in total (14 service providers on the first date and 16 on the second date). The Academy programme also included a meeting with WUZETEM distributors in June (12 companies from all over Poland). It is the distributors who are the direct customers of WUZETEM in terms of the purchase of nozzles for diesel engines. The 3rd edition of the Academy, attended by 17 service providers, took place in October 2023. We are now organising the 4th edition, where we will meet before the Christmas holidays with a slightly smaller group of 10 service providers.

In simple terms, the primary objective of this initiative is to present the product offering and the production process and showcase the most important factors contributing to the quality of the products made by WUZETEM that are sent to customers of the biggest remanufacturing service providers in Poland. The first part of the meeting will present the customers with an opportunity to explore and take a closer look at “the heart” of WUZETEM, i.e., visit the factory. The guests, under the watchful eye of company experts, will visit the factory, learn about the production technologies and see successive processes involved in the production of the products they use on a daily basis. The presentations and discussions are the time when the experts share their expertise and experience with the customers. It is also a great opportunity to listen to the needs of the customers and the problems they face every day in their work as well as provide tangible support for the customers. – We are trying to address the needs, e.g., by making changes in the planned implementation of new products that are required in the market in the particular period – says one of the hosts of the meeting. WUZETEM – a manufacturer of steel precision components for vehicles, machinery and equipment, offering comprehensive solutions in the area of precision mechanics for manufacturers and distributors from the automotive industry, agricultural business, arms sector and heavy industry. The company specialises in the production of nozzles, injectors and plungers.


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