Why should you replace the elastic V-belt pulley?

22 Feb 2023

The elastic pulley drives all of the engine’s accessories, which is why it is important that it functions properly.

Reducing vehicle operating costs:
When replacing the timing belt, replace the elastic pulley at the same time. This will minimize the cost and time the car is out of service.

Damage to the elastic V-belt pulley can cause other components to malfunction.

Wear on the flexible pulley can cause noise and vibration, which in turn can contribute to the failure of the other components that make up the system. All of these problems are costly and disruptive to the driver.

External factors:
External factors can contribute to pulley damage: oil or coolant leaks can destroy the elastic part of the pulley.

If the following symptoms appear:

  • Unusual vibration inside the vehicle
  • Multiple V-ribbed belt squeaks
  • Unusual noise or knocking

It is recommended to check the elastic V-belt pulley immediately

Recommendations for disassembly

  • Never use a screwdriver, crowbar or other tool that applies force to the outer ring of the pulley.
  • Never heat parts for disassembly: using a blowtorch, torch or other heat sources can damage rubber, deform the diameter of the component or deform the pulley.
  • The use of appropriate tools is required.

Recommendations for mounting the elastic V-belt pulley

  • Avoid hitting the wheel surface during installation (risk of incorrect tightening, leakage and belt wear).
  • Do not exceed the tightening torque recommended by the manufacturer, as this may cause deformation or breakage of the fixing bolt. Use a torque wrench to tighten the screw to the correct torque.
  • Never start the engine without the accessory belt.
  • Avoid contact with oil, solvents, fuel, acids or coolants (risk of damaging rubber parts).

Any new part that has suffered an impact (dropped or battered part) is non-functional and should not be used.

To avoid the risk of corrosion, always wear clean, dry gloves when mounting the wheel.
Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.


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