What do you think of the Start-Stop system?

08 Jan 2021

The Start-Stop system has both supporters and opponents. Undoubtedly, it could be described as one of the most controversial solutions in modern motorization. The purpose the following questionnaire is to find out what people who know the system from the practical side, i.e. mechanics, think about it.

The principle of the Start-Stop system is simple – it is designed to shut down the engine when the vehicle stops, and automatically start it when it starts moving. Such a work cycle is intended to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions, but many people consider it to be harmful for the engine. What is the mechanics’ opinion? We encourage you to take part in our survey.

What do you think of the Start-Stop system?

Do you think that the Start-Stop system reduces the life of the engine and its components?

In your private car, would you disable / disable the Start-Stop system?

In your opinion, which components are most at risk of premature wear from using the Start-Stop system?


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