Volvo C30: ABS warning light is on

11 Dec 2020

The mechanics encountered a problem with the ABS warning light on in a popular Volvo model. The solution to the problem is presented by Autodata specialists.

We have a problem diagnosing a fault in a 2011 Volvo C30. The vehicle was brought to the workshop with an ABS warning light turned on and several fault codes related to the ABS wheel speed sensor stored in the fault memory of the ABS control computer. We did the basic wire inspection, but did not find the cause of the problem. Have other owners of C30 reported this problem before?

Answer: Yes, in several C30 models produced in 2010-2013, we have encountered many ABS-related fault codes (0011, 0012, 0021, 0022, C0030, C0031, C0033, C0034). The cause of the fault codes are partly displaced front wheel hub and front wheel bearing. The front wheel hub and the front wheel bearing must be fitted correctly. To prevent the fault from recurring, use the front wheel bearing retainer available in the Volvo parts section. Mount the wheel bearing retainer on the front wheel hub (figure below). Repeat the operation on the other side of the car. Delete the fault codes. After the repair is completed, a test drive should be performed to see if the fault has been removed.


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