Valeo Matrix Beam – maximum visibility without blinding other drivers

17 Aug 2020

The headlights allowing drivers to leave their high beams on without blinding oncoming drivers are not a distant future, but the present of the automotive sector. The Valeo’s Matrix Beam technology makes it possible to safely and automatically adapt the light beam without the driver involvement.

High beam which doesn’t blind – how it works?
The Matrix Beam solution designed by Valeo allows an intelligent headlight beam management owing to the utilisation of the developments of LED technology. The system is based on a matrix where LED sources of light are placed next to each other. Each separate ‘chip’ may be temporarily turned on and off when needed. When the advanced obstacle detection system spots an oncoming vehicle, part of the ‘chips’ are turned off in a split second, so that the oncoming driver is not blinded. At the same time other sources of light remain working at the same power. As the vehicle approaches the system dynamically turns subsequent ‘chips’ off and restarts those whose field of vision is no longer obstructed.
A similar phenomenon will occur when a car equipped with Matrix Beam technology headlights approaches a vehicle driving in the same direction. Owing to partial restriction of the light beam generated by the lamp the driver of the preceding vehicle won’t be blinded. At the same time the space at the sides of the road will remain visible.
It happens automatically and almost unnoticeably for the driver of the car equipped with the Matrix Beam headlights. The maximum visibility characteristic for the high beam on is retained. The driver doesn’t need to manually change the lights from high to low. Owing to the retention of the maximum light beam for the whole time the driver is able to spot in advance an obstacle, pedestrians or animals ahead. The driver gains then time to decide on slowing down or stopping the car if needed.
Matrix Beam.png
Matrix Beam, i.e. the LED revolution
Matrix Beam headlights allow easy adaptation of the high beam to road conditions without the need to use movable elements or complex mirror systems. The ease of turning the LED sources of light on and off is a considerable advantage of the system over the xenon-based solutions. LED lights are ready right after being turned on and don’t need time to heat up. Unlike xenon lights, they don’t need to cool down before being activated again. Frequent activation and deactivation doesn’t affect their durability and the life cycle of the headlamp is estimated to be longer than that of the whole vehicle.
The Matrix Beam technology is already being employed by leading vehicle manufacturers. It’s present in flag VAG group models. Even though the technology is a ground-breaking solution, for Valeo it’s just a next step towards more efficient and effective lighting systems, like Pixel lighting. Constant development of the more and more advanced solutions fits the philosophy of Valeo – the one of the leaders among OE automotive suppliers. This involvement pays off by the increase in road safety, as well as driver and passenger comfort.

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