TEXA introduces new radar and camera calibration system

19 Apr 2020

RCCS 2 kit available with wheel clamps, with tire clamps or with ride height control kit, CCD sensors and wheel clamps.

TEXA has revealed that its new RCCS 2 is now available, providing high-performance optical alignment allowing workshops to perform a wide range of ADAS calibration on radar and camera sensors quickly and accurately.

The system comprises a robust main support with electrically powered height adjustment and a practical knob at the rear for the manual adjustment of perpendicularity with respect to the vehicle.

The adjustment bar is equipped with two distance meters and a sliding reflector plate with a central laser for front radar pointing.

An additional laser level at the top of the structure locates the centre of the vehicle simply by pointing at its front badge.

This advanced technology allows the system to be aligned easily, accurately and safely with respect to the vehicle and the floor.

The RCCS 2 system is mounted on castoring wheels for easy movement around the workshop.

RCCS 2 allows technicians to work independently in all phases of repair and even check ride height on cars and light commercials to offer customers a simple, safe and highly professional service.


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