Team Grono the exclusive distributor of WinDiesel in Europe

27 Feb 2024

The electromobility revolution, which has been heralded for several years, was supposed to bring the twilight of diesel engines, but diesel is still holding strong. The passenger car segment will continue to see demand for diesel system service for many years to come, regardless of final regulatory settlements on new car sales. And when it comes to the commercial vehicle segment, primarily those used in heavy transportation, diesel units will continue to remain irreplaceable for the foreseeable future.

Important news in this context is the information provided by the Polish company Team Grono Sp. z o.o. that it has become the exclusive distributor in Europe of WinDiesel, a manufacturer of nozzles, valves and complete injectors. – We are a company specializing in the professional regeneration of diesel engine power systems, so exclusive representation of a respected manufacturer of injection system components will not only allow us to expand our range of services, but is also an expression of confidence in our company and the quality we provide to our customers – says Rafal Gronowski, president of Team Grono.

Team Grono was established in 2021 by two companies Zakład Mechaniki Precyzyjnej Gronowska Renata and Diesel Service Gronowski Rafał. It specializes in the production and remanufacturing of diesel engine fuel system components. In addition to its own products, Team Grono’s offer includes components from companies such as PZL-ZSM Piotrków, Wuzetem, PZL Mielec, Bosch, Delphi, Zexel, Denso, Firad, Stanadyne, Mefin, Motorpal, WSK Poznan.

Team Grono undertakes the remanufacturing of virtually any diesel fuel system, with particular emphasis on Delphi, Bosch, Continental systems. In turn, it specializes in restoring full efficiency to fuel systems of DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania and Iveco vehicles.

Our products and services are of the highest quality, and the inspection system we use fully meets the procedures required by customers. For example, injectors for engines meeting the Euro 6 standard are coded on the new Hartridge CRi-Pro bench – explains Rafał Gronowski.

Team Grono Sp. z o.o. has also launched an online store, thanks to which customers can freely use the company’s wide product range, which, according to the announcement of its representatives, will be successively expanded.

– From the beginning of the company’s existence we have been guided by our main goal – we plan dynamic development, which we will build on the foundation of a wide offer, availability and the highest quality provided to our customers – adds Rafal Gronowski.


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