SBS Automotive changes its name

26 Jun 2024

In 2023 BORG Automotive Group acquired SBS Automotive. The integration process has now been completed and as a final step and consequence thereof SBS Automotive will operate under the name BORG Automotive Newman applicable from June 2024.

When driving by the almost 60-year-old company in Støvring, Eisenach, or Chaumont, you will no longer see the SBS logo outside the buildings. Instead, the signboards proclaim BORG. The full name, BORG Automotive Newman, comes into effect at the end of June 2024, and marks the end of many years with the SBS Automotive name. Back in 2021, SBS Group, consisting of SBS Automotive and SBS Friction, was split up and SBS Friction was acquired by a third party, who also gained the rights to use the SBS name. When BORG Automotive Group acquired SBS Automotive in 2023 it was clear that a change of name was part of the integration process.

Aside from BORG Automotive Newman, the Group has two other business areas called BORG Automotive Reman and CPI. Common for them is that they both remanufacture products, whereas BORG Automotive Newman trades new units. And it is exactly the new units that form the basis for the name Newman.

New name but still the same

Even though the name is new, the company is still the same, Bo Maagaard, Sales Director at BORG Automotive Newman, confirms. He adds: “Apart from the new name, we are still the same company, the same people, and located at the same addresses. Furthermore, we still supply the same broad product range of high-quality products.”

BORG Automotive Newman supplies the aftermarket under the well-known brands; NK and Eurobrake, and this will remain unchanged. Also, the company’s private label concept will not be changed.

A new visual identity

Along with the new name and logo, the company’s visual identity has also been revamped. The idea has been to integrate the name, logo, and visual identity into the BORG Automotive family, but also keep a recognizability from the formerly SBS Automotive. The new logo is the same style as BORG Automotive Group and the sister company, BORG Automotive Reman. However, it is still the same red and black colours as known from SBS Automotive.

As a consequence of the changes, the company has launched a new and improved website. The website is available at

Optimistic about the future

With the name change, BORG Automotive Newman is now fully integrated into BORG Automotive Group. When looking at the future, Bo Maagaard is very optimistic: “BORG Automotive Group not only provides us with a solid and supportive foundation that further strengthens our reputation and credibility, but it also connects us with the Group’s other business areas, such as BORG Automotive Reman, which makes way for new cooperative possibilities.”


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