OSRAM LED Retrofits Legal in an Increasing Number of Countries

04 Mar 2024

OSRAM is expanding its portfolio of LED solutions, and the beginning of the year brought changes to its retrofit offerings. A new generation of products with improved lighting parameters has been introduced. Additionally, in January, Denmark and Cyprus joined the previously 22 countries where this manufacturer’s retrofits have been approved for use.

The LED retrofit portfolio has recently gained three new additions. The first is the second generation of the Night Breaker LED H7 Gen 2 lamp. What sets the new products apart is an improved optical design, which provides up to 230% brighter light compared to the minimum requirements of the ECE R112 standard.

Moreover, the design has been changed, giving them a modern look and reduced thermal load. The retrofits emit light with a very high color temperature of 6000 kelvins.

Another novelty is the second generation of the Night Breaker W5W LED lamp, which is approved in many European countries. It is OSRAM’s first market-available W5W LED retrofit approved for use in public traffic in all 12 V vehicle models behind white glass as parking light, marker light, license plate lighting, and interior lighting.

Unlike the previous version, it does not require adaptation to a specific vehicle and comparison with a compatibility list. These products provide strong light with a color temperature of 5700 K and up to 80% lower energy consumption. Identical dimensions and a matched design allow for plug & play installation as a replacement for traditional bulbs.

The third novelty is the TRUCKSTAR LED H7 retrofits for trucks, approved for use on public roads in many European countries for specific vehicle models. The installation of truck-specific retrofits is very easy, and the lamps themselves are exceptionally resistant to vibrations. They shine with a light color temperature close to daylight – 6000 K.

Although in Poland retrofits are not currently approved for use in external lighting on public roads, they can now be legally used in 24 European countries. The new countries that have joined are Denmark and Cyprus. Approval applies to specific countries as well as specific vehicle models and lighting functions listed on the compatibility list.

More information can be found at www.osram.com/nb-led


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