NRF goes beyond engine cooling and a/c with exhaust gas temperature sensors

13 Oct 2021

NRF makes a huge step in its aftermarket offer. The company is going beyond cooling and air conditioning with their new product group, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS). By expanding their offer, NRF moves in line with market demand. NRF wants to be a one-stop supplier by offering a complete range. Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors are a perfect addition.

NRF EGTS are manufactured on tested and validated production lines. This results in a highest quality product at competitive aftermarket prices.

In addition, NRF EGTS have another unique advantage. All NRF EGTS are Easy Fit, as they come with High Temperature Grease. By applying this specific grease during installation, friction is prevented and correct assembly is guaranteed.


Designed and manufactured to the highest specifications

Extensively performance tested

EASY FIT = supplied with high temperature grease

NRF introduces a range of 208 EGTS references. More will follow soon!

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