NRF brand air conditioning compressor oils – quality without compromise

08 Jul 2022

The oil in a vehicle’s air conditioning system has a significant impact on its functioning. It ensures long and trouble-free operation of individual components, preserves, protects against corrosion and protects against the effects of moisture.

The choice of the wrong oil, improper handling during service and repair operations and repairs, or the wrong amount of it in the system can have serious consequences up to irreparable damage to the compressor and the need for costly repair of the entire air conditioning system. 

Oils used in NRF brand compressors

NRF brand A/C compressors are factory-filled with the highest grade OE oil based on polyalkylene glycols (PAG) from the renowned Idemitsu brand. This oil contains patented double-ended molecular chain technology, so it does not react with other substances including water. As a result, individual components are protected from corrosion. The amount of A/C oil depends on the type of compressor and also the capacity of the A/C system for which it is dedicated, and ranges from 45 to 300 ml.

There are PAG oils on the market, which are not chemically stable (they do not have closed molecular chains). They can react with water leading to the formation of acids. Such oils do not provide sufficient corrosion protection – NRF strongly advises against their use.

PAG Premium Oil Standard PAG oil
Miscibility with coolant (R134a and R1234yf) Good Good
Thermal stability Good Good
Chemical stability Good Medium
Hydrolytic stability Very good Good
Resistance to oxidation Very good Bad
Viscosity-temperature relationship characteristics Very good Good
Fluidity at low temperature Very good Good
Lubrication quality/wear resistance Good Bad

Table 1 Comparison of properties of PAG Premium oils with standard PAG oils

When replacing an A/C compressor, it is important to remember a few basic points:

– PAG oils do not mix with other types of A/C oils (PAO or POE). NRF recommends thoroughly draining and flushing out the system before replacing the compressor.

– The amount of oil in the system has a significant impact on trouble-free operation. Make sure it corresponds to the volume assumed by the vehicle manufacturer

– even the highest grade PAG oils have hygroscopic properties. NRF makes every effort to ensure that the offered compressors are supplied with adequate protection against this phenomenon.

NRF makes every effort to ensure that the products supplied not only meet the most stringent market quality standards, but above all meet the expectations of customers. Therefore, not even the smallest compromise was allowed – the oils used in the brand’s compressors are the world’s top shelf:

  • provide excellent protection against wear
  • have high chemical, thermal and hydrolytic stability
  • are less hygroscopic than standard oils available on the market
  • high viscosity index means wide operating temperature range
  • maintain adequate fluidity even at low temperatures
  • Excellent compatibility with both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants
  • tolerate elastomers in the refrigerant

As a result, NRF brand air conditioning compressors are a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation of the air conditioning system in any vehicle.


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