MINI Clubman: A clicking sound coming from the rear wheel suspension

11 May 2021

Autodata Company runs Autodocta guide, where solutions to common, but difficult to diagnose, automotive problems are presented. This time the specialists tackled a problem with the MINI Clubman.

We have a problem with a 2008 MINI Clubman. You can hear a clicking noise from the rear wheel suspension when driving on rough roads. We checked all the suspension components, but they work flawlessly. Do you know what could cause such a noise?

Answer: Yes, this problem has been reported several times by other owners of Clubman models manufactured between 01/01/08-16/11/08, and it is caused by the upper shock absorber cushion at the rear being misplaced due to protruding welding chips on the floor of the vehicle. Remove the rear shock absorbers. Inspect the area where weld spatter is indicated fig.1.1. Remove weld spatter with a suitable tool and paint the defect area according to the body colour. After the repair is completed, a test drive should be performed to see if the fault has been removed.


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