Jaguar XJ: Creaking sound from the front seat frame while driving

05 Apr 2022

A Jaguar XJ owner complained about an unpleasant noise coming from the driver’s seat when driving over bumps. Autodata specialists are looking for a solution.

We cannot find the cause of the creaking noise coming from the driver’s seat while driving on uneven pavement in the 2013 Jaguar XJ. We heard the creaking noise during the test drive, but after returning to the repair shop, we cannot find the cause of its occurrence. Do you know what could cause such a noise? 

Answer: Yes, we’ve already heard about this type of noises coming from the front seat on Jaguar XJ models manufactured between 2012 and 2014, and the cause is insufficient lubrication of the seat frame. Adjust the seat to the fully forward and highest position and play back the upholstery at the base of the seatback. Using a syringe, available from Jaguar Parts, filled with Nyogel 774L grease, lubricate the seat frame cross member (fig. 1.1.). Move the seat several times throughout the adjustment range. After the repair is completed, a test drive should be performed to see if the fault has been removed.


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