Headlight refurbishment kit from Philips

20 Apr 2023

Manufacturers of automotive light bulbs are systematically improving their efficiency in illuminating the road. But the driver may not be able to see the effects of this work due to the headlight cover.

The packaging of the bulbs often states that the beam efficiency is higher. For example, Philips states +150 per cent for the X-tremeVision Pro150 and +200 per cent for the RacingVision GT200. In practice, this means illuminating a longer stretch of road compared to the legally required minimum.

Fitting such a bulb, however, does not always produce a positive result. The reason for this is the technical condition of the headlights, especially those at the front. The ageing process of the headlamp lenses is mainly influenced by road and weather conditions. The plastic material, which is losing its transparency, begins to distort the beam and thus narrows the driver’s field of vision. It can also dazzle other road users.

Owners of such cars, generally manufactured many years ago, face a dilemma. Whether to neglect the problem or find a financially equivalent solution to the market value of the vehicle. So if not buying a pair of new lamps, then what?


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