FormulaUFI, the brand that embodies the secrets of UFI Filters filtration

06 May 2021

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and the production of heat exchangers for combustion, electric and hybrid vehicles thanks to constant investment in R&D, has over twenty years’ experience in the production of filter media. FormulaUFI is the brand name that encompasses all the company’s filtration expertise and the name given to the filter materials that have been selected and developed in the UFI Innovation Centres worldwide. The brand consists of a number of different material formulas, all produced in-house by UFI, to meet the needs of the leading automotive manufacturers. They can be customised according to the specifications of the individual application, whether cars, Heavy Duty or industrial vehicles; and cover the entire filtration range – fuel, air, oil, cabin and hydraulics.


This is the name of the filter media capable of extreme performance, even under the most difficult conditions. It consists of synthetic-based filter material produced using a meltblown process whose efficiency is determined by the distribution and size of the fibres themselves, which may vary according to the needs of specific applications. FormulaUFI.EXTREME guarantees a filtration efficiency of over 99.5% for fuel filtration and is compatible with biodiesels. It can also be used for oil filters, where it reduces pressure losses; and air filters such as MULTITUBE for Porsche, Great Walls and Maserati applications, delivering guaranteed better filtration in a limited amount of space and a longer filter life.


The most revolutionary formula developed by UFI Filters is a stratified combination of various materials such as cellulose, glass fibre and hydrophobic fabrics. When combined with the meltblown fabric used in FormulaUFI.EXTREME, StratiFlex is the most efficient media for separating water from diesel fuel, as in UFI’s GEN2 Plus for Alfa Romeo and Nissan; whereas for oil filtration it offers the best performance and less frequent replacement. It can also be used in cabin filtration, as in UFI’s ARGENTIUM Filters.


This is the filter media consisting of glass fibres, sometimes combined with other synthetic fibres, to offer filtration capacity for the smallest of particles. Applied to oil filters, such as that on the Jaguar engine AJ133, it offers optimum efficiency by reducing particulate matter in the oil caused by the friction of engine parts. This prevents clogging of the filter, making servicing less frequent and reducing pressure drops in the lubrication system. It can also be applied to blow-by filters, thanks to the oleophobic material which makes it resistant to acidic blow-by gas environments.


This filter consists of a wire mesh which blocks impurities, as in the automatic transmission system for ZF and the hybrid transmission system (DHT) for Geely. The steel wire mesh is solid and resistant and is compatible with high temperature fluids. It guarantees low pressure drops for high flow rates, and is therefore suitable for even the most extreme conditions such as racing applications.


This filter material has a high water separation capacity thanks to its cellulose fibre base combined with synthetic or glass fibres, such as the diesel filter for the Ford F-Max Euro 6. It can offer a filtration efficiency of up to 99.5% at 4 microns. When combined with other materials (StratiFlex) such as meltblown, it offers the best filtration capacity.


The basic formula for filtration comes directly from nature. This material is made of cellulose combined with synthetic or glass fibres, as in the oil filter for the MAN D15 or Weichai H2, H3 and H5 engines. It offers high filtration performance for both oil and petrol filters as well as air, where it has good flame-retardant properties.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group, says: “For 50 years, UFI Filters has been making filtration history with its breakthrough products and filter media. It started off with engine air and diesel oil filtration and is now one of the only companies in Europe able to produce and supply complete filtration systems for both conventional and hybrid engines, including filter media and heat exchangers. Our ‘FormulaUFI’ expertise can be personalised to meet the technical specifications required by Original Equipment; and ‘FormulaUFI’ filtration is also at the heart of the products which are available in our Aftermarket catalogue.”


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