Citroën C-Elysee 1.6 HDI: problem with engine overheating

30 Mar 2021

Autodata specialists received a request from a workshop for help with a fault with the 1.6 HDi engine in a Citroën C-Elysee. We managed to solve the problem.

We are having trouble finding the cause of an engine overheating in a Citroën (2013) C-Elysee with a 1.6 HDi engine. After noticing the radiator leak, we replaced it, but the car came back to the workshop with a leak in the same spot. All cooling system hoses appear to be in good condition. Please help us with this problem.

A: We have heard about this problem, which affects 1.6 HDi engines with engine code 9HP (DV6DTED4) manufactured before 14/03/2013 (RPO13628). The radiator blower motor flange is rubbing against the radiator, causing coolant to leak. Remove the roughness from the radiator blower motor flange to leave a smooth surface fig.1. Replace the radiator if necessary.


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