Chrysler Grand Voyager: engine malfunction warning light

05 Jul 2021

Autodata Company runs Autodocta guide, where solutions to common, but difficult to diagnose, automotive problems are presented. This time, the problem being discussed is a Chrysler malfunction where the engine malfunction warning light is illuminated and fault code P2463 is stored in memory.

We recently had a 2010 Grand Voyager in our workshop with the engine malfunction warning light illuminated and the control computer fault memory recorded fault code P2463. We regenerated the particulate filter and everything was fine for a while, but now the car has returned to the workshop and the fault memory records fault codes relating to the particulate filter. We don’t want to replace the particulate filter because it’s expensive. Can you give us some advice?

Answer: Yes, the fault described is known to us and affects Grand Voyager models with the 2.8 Diesel engine. The cause of the fault is poor contact between the particulate filter pressure sensor and the wire harness connector due to corrosion (fig. 1.1.). Replace the particulate filter sensor and wiring harness connector with a repair kit available in the Chrysler part section. Calibrate the particulate filter sensor with a suitable diagnostic device. Clear the trouble codes and perform a test drive to confirm that the problem has been resolved.


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