Change in Leadership of the Aftermarket Organization

12 Jun 2024

The European automotive aftermarket is currently facing many challenges related to the twin transformation – green and digital. Will the market be able to adapt to the new reality? What is the role of industry organizations in this? And what goals does the International Federation of Independent Automotive Parts Distributors (FIGIEFA) set for the near future?

Aftermarket Today and in the Digital Future

Data is the gold of the 21st century. Whoever possesses it can offer and profit from ever-newer products and services. This applies to the automotive industry as well. When it comes to the functions that modern vehicles offer, they increasingly resemble computers on wheels. Access to data and resources in vehicles is not just crucial but essential for companies associated with the automotive aftermarket – including manufacturers and distributors of automotive parts, as well as workshops that deal with increasingly technologically advanced cars.

Due to the construction of vehicles and by definition, vehicle manufacturers have an advantage when it comes to accessing the data they generate. Data is money, so it’s hard to expect that they will willingly share it with other entities that also need it. Without fair access to data, the entire automotive ecosystem, including parts manufacturers and the entire aftermarket, will not be competitive and not only will they not be able to offer innovations, but even basic products and services. The interests of the independent automotive market in Brussels are represented by FIGIEFA, which recently elected a new board.

– It sounds a bit cliché, but in my opinion, the automotive industry is in the midst of the biggest transformation in the last 100 years. New fuels, unprecedented competition from state-subsidized manufacturers in China, and connected cars. With the increasing number of electric cars and more and more connected cars, there has never been a greater demand for innovative solutions in the development of spare parts and repair solutions. FIGIEFA is the central point of the independent automotive market and is at the forefront of the fight for free competition in this market. FIGIEFA’s mission is clear – to protect and develop the interests of the independent automotive market through: ensuring legislation that protects competition, ensuring access to technical information and vehicle data, and ensuring consumer access to high-quality and affordable repairs. As the president of FIGIEFA, of course, I will fight for all this – said Mads Engberg, the new President of the FIGIEFA Board.


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