BMW 1 Series: Buzzing sound from underneath the vehicle when driving at higher speeds

02 Mar 2021

Autodata specialists received an enquiry from one of the workshops about disturbing noises in a BMW vehicle. The cause of the malfunction has been determined.

Our customer’s 2012 BMW 1 Series makes a buzzing noise from underneath the vehicle when driving at speeds above 90 km/h. We heard these noises during a test drive, but at the workshop we cannot locate the source of the fault. We checked that all bolts securing the chassis protection cover were tightened to the correct torque. We didn’t notice anything that could cause a malfunction. We kindly ask for your help.

Answer: We’ve encountered this type of defect before on several BMW models, and it’s caused by an excessively large gap between the front and center chassis protection covers. Remove the center chassis protective cover. Thoroughly clean the indicated area fig. 1.1. A foam pad is available in the BMW parts department and should be installed on the cleaned surface. Mount the center chassis protective cover. After the repair is completed, a test drive should be performed to see if the fault has been removed.


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