Air suspension from Kavo Parts

30 Jan 2023

Increasingly more cars are replacing traditional suspension with electronically adjustable air suspension. For this reason, Kavo Parts has now also included air suspension for all car brands in its program.

In more and more cars, the traditional suspension with shock absorbers is being replaced by electronically adjustable air suspension. According to Patrick Stormmesand, sales manager at Kavo Parts, this is because air suspension offers quite a few advantages over conventional struts and shock absorbers: “One of the most obvious advantages of air suspension is that it provides a smoother ride. For example, an air spring is much more flexible than a steel spring. Moreover, air is very compressible, but the hydraulic fluid used in shock absorbers is considerably less compressible

Currently, affordable air suspension is barely available on the aftermarket, replacing air suspension in an OEM system can lead to high costs if the part is not available. We have seen for a while now that air suspension was popular for the luxury segment of cars and SUVs, but this trend is now also continuing in the mid-range segment. We expect the demand for air suspension to continue to increase. Due to the fact we want to continue to provide our customers with a complete and affordable range of shock absorption, including air suspension in our range is a logical step. Therefore, we have both bellows and struts in stock” Patrick Stormmesand explains.

According to Patrick Stormmesand, there is an enormous increase in the demand for air suspensions at competitive prices: “We have been a supplier of car parts since 1986 and over the years have built relationships with the best manufacturers who can deliver in the high volumes. Therefore, we are always able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices and thus respond quickly to the wishes of our customers”.


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