The CASTEX QJY3.0-D semi-automatic two-column car lift

29 Oct 2020

The CASTEX QJY3.0-D semi-automatic two-column car lift with a lifting capacity of 3500 kg is designed for work with passenger and delivery vehicles, the total weight of which does not exceed 3.5 tons. The stability of the lift and the lifted vehicle is guaranteed by the reinforced structure of the load-bearing elements.

The lift is equipped with manual safety interlocks designed to ensure maximum safety for the user. The simplified design of the lift facilitates the assembly and daily inspection of the device.

The universality of the CASTEX lift is guaranteed by the modernized structure of the lifting lugs, the lowered grip point, which allows you to work with cars with low suspension, and the lifting adapters are perfect for lifting off-road and delivery vehicles. The range of arm lengths enables work with vehicles with various spacing of support points, thus significantly affecting the safety of use.

The assembly has been simplified by pre-installing most of the elements already at the production stage, moreover, the lift includes a set of mounting anchors.


– lifting capacity 3500 kg three-segment rear legs,
– lowered subliminal grip point with height adjustment,
– a set of increasing adapters,
– automated service,
– stable reinforced structure,
– security locks in the SafetyOn technology,
– simplified assembly of the mounting anchors,
– optional 230V power supply included, CE certificate.


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