Shaft Seal Ring – Installation Advice

06 Nov 2020

In Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot and Rover vehicles the installation of a crankshaft seal ring can be problematic. We present an advice of Elring specialists.

The PTFE radial shaft seal ring used for protecting the delicate sealing lip is equipped with a plastic sleeve. This solution also ensures that the geometric shape of the sealing lip is maintained and that it fits perfectly to the shaft surface. During installation, the plastic mounting sleeve must be positioned in such a way that the sealing ring can pass over the shaft without any problems. When sliding it on the shaft, make sure that the operation is carried out evenly and without impact loads. Otherwise there is a risk of damaging the sealing lip and therefore proper sealing is not guaranteed. Important: The installation of the Teflon sealing ring should be done in dry conditions. Under no circumstances should any oil or grease be used.

Note: Please remember that there are two points inside the casing where sealing compound must be used.

To ensure that the high-strength PTFE shaft sealing ring fulfil its function in the best way, wait up to 4 hours after installation.



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