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18 May 2023

Delivery vans are a veritable army of vehicles that ensure the daily functioning of many industries. Every “soldier” of the army must operate solidly and reliably and to ensure this, it is worth choosing reliable parts suppliers.

One of the key elements of the van body is the sliding door, located on the side of the vehicle. It is repeatedly opened and closed, which exposes it to wear and tear. When a repair is necessary, it is worth betting on parts that will solve the problem once and for all.

The specificity of van repairs is very simple: the car needs to be repaired as quickly and permanently as possible so that there is no downtime and no breaks in making money for the owner. Due to the utility nature of vans, the economic aspect of the repair is also important. This is why it makes sense to choose solutions that guarantee quality and are available at a reasonable price.

ROLL manufactures and supplies the highest quality door hinge rollers and bogies to ensure that all components run smoothly. These parts have been designed and refined by Polish engineers and manufactured in Poland from the best materials. They have been recognised and appreciated by professionals for years.

ROLL – the answer to mechanics’ needs

Innovation and the use of the best technological solutions are the hallmarks of the factory on the Vistula River. Its products distinguish themselves with quality and workmanship right from the start.

It is worth pointing out that ROLL parts are developed in consultation with mechanics involved in car repairs. It is on the basis of their suggestions that improvements are made enabling the company to minimise the complaint rate. The parts have corrosion protection and are perfectly fitted, ensuring ease of assembly. What is particularly important from a mechanic’s perspective, the parts are supplied with all the components needed to carry out the assembly.

Unique features of ROLL products:

  • Pins mating rollers and sleeves made of acid-resistant steel
  • Rollers made of special material with increased abrasion resistance
  • Application of 2RS sealed bearings with rubber seals
  • The certified paint coating made by cataphoresis reliably protects the entire element against corrosion.

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