Problem with the air flap in Opel Zafira

21 Nov 2022

In the case of Opel Zafira B (2005-2009) equipped with air conditioning, damage to the drive between the circulating air flap shaft and the flap causes malfunctions. This problem can be solved with the use of a repair kit (93196653).

HELLA specialists suggest a repair involving the installation of a modified circulating air flap housing and replacing the short flap motor shaft with a longer variant.

To replace the components, the following steps must be taken:

  • Unbolt the blower motor from the recirculating air flap (photo)
  • Loosen the housing of the circulating air flap on the motor side
  • Remove the housing
  • Remove the recirculating air flap motor (photo) with shaft from the old housing
  • Remove the short shaft and install the long shaft from the repair kit (drawing)
  • Install the motor with shaft in a new housing
  • Install the circulating air damper housing and blower motor.

After replacement, check the basic setting or operation of the component.


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