New series of single-function and rear grouped lamps

20 Oct 2020

The latest and modern series of car lamps created during the epidemic with prices adapted to the conditions in which we all found ourselves. We are very pleased to present a new series of single-function and rear grouped lamps W225 – W228, available in various configurations, with 1 to 6 light functions. Each group of lamps consists of several or a dozen types with different functions and method of assembly or connection, the more complex the lamp structure, the more models, details of which can be found on the website

The series W225, W226 and W227 lamps are universal for mounting, they can be installed both on the left and right side of the vehicle. Thanks to their simple, but modern structure, they meet the approval requirements for vertical and horizontal installation. On the other hand, the W228 lamps, due to their characteristic design, with a centrally placed reflective triangle, require a division into left and right lamps. Installation is possible as standard – horizontally.

The W226, W227 and W228 lamps are available in 2 mounting variants: with two M6 screws, or with two or four screws thanks to specially arranged holes in the lamp body. The W225 – W228 lamps are universal in voltage, they operate on 12V and 24V installations, they are extremely flat and compact. Lamps from the “Lampdemii” series are adapted to changing weather conditions – they are perfect for temperatures from – 40 ° C to + 50 ° C. Individual components are made of the highest quality materials, which translates into the high quality of the finished product.

Additionally, lamps with a fog light function are available in two variants: with a red or transparent cover. Each of the lamps is hermetic, both as a whole, and each of the modules that make up the lamp – special protection against dust and moisture is confirmed by the IP6K9K standard. Each of the lamps also meets the requirements of all applicable approval regulations, including electromagnetic compatibility.

A wide range of lamps, in various light configurations, with prices adapted to the conditions of the epidemic, gives a huge choice to the potential client. This series of lamps can comprehensively illuminate the vehicle by combining lamps into original compilations, in accordance with UN ECE Regulation No. 48 on the placement of lamps on the vehicle. For example, you can combine in series lamps from the same group, but also lamps from different groups, e.g. W225 + W225; W225 + W226; W226 + W226; W227 + 225 or W228 + W225, depending on what functions are needed to illuminate the vehicle.

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