Effects of coronavirus in your company – survey for distributors and wholesalers

22 Apr 2020

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we try to keep an eye on changes in the automotive parts and repair industry. To gain the most complete picture of the current situation, we have prepared a survey addressed to the owners and employees of  automotive parts distributors. We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to participate in the study.

The effects of coronavirus for distributors and wholesalers Page: 1/2

Evaluate the negative effects of coronavirus pandemic on your business (on a scale of 1 - no negative effects, 10 - very serious crisis)

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Which of the protective preventive actions in relation to the virus spread have you implemented in your company? (multiple choice question)

Mark minimum 1 and maximum 8 answers.

In connection with the situation, do you experience a lack of personnel in the warehouse or transport department

How would you describe the impact of the coronavirus-related situation on sales in the coming months?


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