Checking the oil level in the Mercedes-Benz automatic 5-speed transmission

10 Nov 2021

After an oil change or if you suspect leaks and spills, measure the oil level in the automatic transmission. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not include a dipstick for measuring the oil level in the transmission.

Febi bilstein offers a solution to this problem, a special oil dipstick for automatic gearboxes.

The end of the oil filler tube is located in the engine compartment (Figure 1). The filler hole plug is protected by a special cap to prevent accidental opening. Before checking the oil level, the locking pin plate must be removed with a special tool (fig. 2). After removing the locking pin, the plug can be removed (fig. 3).

When measuring the oil level, the dipstick must be inserted as far as it will go into the fill tube opening. Since the type 722.6 transmission is used in many models, the filler tube is located in different places. When the tip of the dipstick comes into contact with the bottom of the transmission, there may be a portion of the dipstick sticking out of the oil fill tube (Figure 4).

Always remove the dipstick after measuring the oil level! The filling hole plug can be re-secured with a safety pin (febi no. 44204).

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