Availability of automotive parts. Survey results.

26 Nov 2021

Do workshops in the Central and Eastern European markets perceive a problem with the availability of automotive spare parts? Check out the results of our survey.

Aim of the survey.

The aim of the survey conducted by MotoFocus among workshops repairing passenger cars was to collect information in the context of assortment shortages. The survey was conducted in October 2021 with 390 workshop representatives from the following countries: Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Shortage of spare parts

The results showed that there is a noticeable problem with the availability of car parts in each of the countries surveyed, with Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria having the most pronounced problem and Lithuania the least.

What parts are usually missing from workshops? The average score for all countries shows that these are parts from reputable brands. More than half of those surveyed complain about their shortages. Shortages in some economy brands and distributors’ own brands are somewhat less noticeable.

However, it turns out that workshops are able to deal with this problem, although they choose different methods of dealing with it in different markets.

Problems with ordering the necessary parts translate into more time spent by workshop staff. On average, more than two-thirds of garages feel that problems with parts availability hinder their work. The scale of the problem can be determined by looking at how much time workshops spend on average preparing quotes for customers (including searching for available parts). Sometimes they lose up to 6 hours a day doing this. See the chart below for details.


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